What is our role?

Our role :

I am in touch with you by mail, you receive in my premises to establish your specifications (sought style, location, budget …);
I pre-visit all apartments closer to your criteria and give you reports for each visit;
I then discuss with the lawyer, all documents related to the property for example condominium so apartment to avoid you unpleasant surprises (PV of AG, statements of charges, responsiveness of the trustee, state elevators, directors, costs of future work to be done in the co-ownership); all the documents related to the property, the “Cédula de habitabilidad”, the “Nota simple informativa”, the previous deed of sale and the “certificado de aptitud” of the building;
I check, always with the help of the lawyer, that the property has no debts and current payments, the latest receipts from the IBI (the Spanish property tax), electricity, gas, water and telephone;
I check the environment of the property: neighborhood survey, municipal or private projects, occupancy problem (tenant);
I then organize, depending on your availability, one or more days to visit, with you, the goods that caught your attention;
I find you, if you wish, a rental for your stay during the visit period;
I negotiate the price with the owner and / or the real estate agency;
I assist you in obtaining your NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero);
I assist you in the review of all contracts accompanying the sale, the “Paga y señal” (blockage of property), the “contrato de arras penitenciales” (sale agreement) and the “escritura” (the act of notarized purchase);
I can also advise you and refer you to other services if you need them (bank, notary, insurer, interior designer, contractor, etc.), before and after the purchase.
Price: commission 2% to 4% of the negotiated sales price, only if successful.

What benefit do I have to work with a personal advisor?

The acquisition of a property by a personal adviser allows a “balanced” negotiation. In fact, the real estate agent defends the interests of his client, the seller, whereas, I, your personal advisor, I defend exclusively your interests as a buyer.

Not having an advisor is like “negotiating with the opposing lawyer or going to a lawsuit without a lawyer”.

Nearly half my clients are non-resident Spaniards or foreigners. About 80% of the operations that I accompany succeed.

What is a Personal Real Estate Advisor (“asesor personal inmobiliario” or “real estate shopper”)?

A Personal Real Estate Advisor is a professional engaged by a potential real estate buyer who is primarily responsible for visiting and selecting real estate that matches the buyer’s desires.

As a professional, I am also responsible for negotiating the price of the sale, the legal and contractual aspects (with the help of a lawyer), I help to find the financing and, for you, if you wish, I can also manage the services or work related to housing, once the purchase.

It has been successful for years in countries such as France, the United Kingdom and, in particular, the United States, where a large portion of real estate transactions are finalized by us, advisors.

It is a new service in Spain, where it has only existed for four years.

You do not have the time, you are not on site or you just want to go through a professional intermediary to guarantee your interests when buying a property?

Address a growing profession in Spain, Real Estate Advisor (“asesor personal inmobiliario” or “real estate shopper”)

Do you have plans to buy an apartment, a house, a pied à terre, a rental investment in Spain?

Address a growing profession in Spain, Real Estate Advisor (“asesor personal inmobiliario” or “real estate shopper”)